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  1. Painted Redstart location details LINK
    DATE: Feb 8, 2018 @ 12:35pm, 9 month(s) ago
    Friends, I spent some time with the Painted Redstart in Culver City
    Park last Saturday afternoon, Feb 3. (but I hate afterwards working
    on the hundreds of photos on the computer). I want to add some
    details about where I saw it in case it can help others.
    As has been described, a target tree is the shaggy-looking palm in
    back of the group of dumpsters; however when it was in the palm it
    was usually on the back side, and hidden in the dead foliage. It did
    however range widely along the trees south from there, all the way to
    the south end of the parking lot. It rarely stopped long enough for
    good photos; and even did acrobatics high above the parking lot,
    almost hanging in the air.
    However, there were a few long periods, up to 10 minutes, when it
    stayed in one spot preening, and it was mostly in heavy shade there.
    This was the closest I could get my camera to the bird. In this
    full-frame photo
    we see the trunk of the large tree to the right of the palm tree,
    with the Redstart preening in the twiggy area belonging to a branch
    coming across from the right from a different tree [fairly low down,
     10 feet up. While the bird is clearly visible, the exposure
    compensates for the shade; it was not that easy to see by eye. So if
    you don't see the bird flitting about, you might check this
    particular spot. [I'd give a much wider angle view but I don't use a
    zoom lens].
    Here's the cropped 'close-up' from that frame.
    I'll sort through the rest eventually but wanted to put these up in
    case it helps anyone locate this handsome bird.
    Michael Zarky
    10963 Citrus Drive
    Moorpark, CA 93021 USA
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