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  1. 5 Hummingbird species at Kenneth Hahn Park! LINK
    DATE: Apr 14, 2018 @ 11:09am, 6 month(s) ago
    Yesterday Eric and I took a little time to WATCH the feeders that we maintain at Kenneth Hahn Park. We were there from about 6:15 to 7:30. The feeders are up the hill (follow the paved road to the top, park on the right), Just south of the parking lot, in the "Hummingbird Garden" and around to the south and east. We had: Anna's and Allen's, Rufous, Black-chinned, and a female Calliope. Tried hard, but could not find a Costa's.We also saw: 2 Phainopepla (had also been in the parking lot yesterday morning), 3 male Black-Headed Grosbeaks, 4 or more Hooded Orioles, 2 Brown-headed Cowbirds, Lesser Goldfinches, Ca Towhees and still several remaining White-crowned Sparrows. Yesterday morning I also had a continuing Golden-crowned Sparrow along the shrubs north of the Lotus Pond in Doris' Japanese Garden. We last saw the White-throated a week ago. The park has a $6 entry fee on weekends and holidays, usually they stop charging in the late afternoon.
    Good Birding! Ann and Eric Brooks Los Angeles
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