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  1. Yellow-breasted Chat & Phainopeplas continue in San Pedro LINK
    DATE: May 15, 2018 @ 12:40am, 5 month(s) ago
    Yesterday (May 13), the two male Phainopeplas continued at the same
    location. I was there for an hour before they showed up at 7:35pm and
    called, and displaced each others' perches a few times (seemingly
    playfully, not aggressively).
    I tried several times for the Yellow-breasted Chat, and did not hear it
    again, but that was in the afternoon. This morning (May 14), I heard him
    sing in the exact same spot as before, from 9:30am to 9:47am. An
    Orange-crowned Warbler regularly sings at that location as well (and did
    so while the Chat sang).
    Singing Black-headed Grosbeaks also arrived in the Cabrillo area
    yesterday, and I finally managed to finally get them and Western Tanager
    as seen yard birds (138 species now).
    There were also TONS of Warbling Vireos in the area; just in the Marine
    Aquarium parking lot and Shoshonean Road, I think there were over a
    dozen. There were also three in my backyard.
    There are also still Western Kingbirds in the area. At peak (April 3)
    there were at least 24 in the Cabrillo Beach area, and now there are
    still at least 2 usually found in the Marine Aquarium parking lot (and
    they're very vocal). I've also seen some recently at the same location as
    the Phainopeplas. (Also, my FOS was March 23, at Cabrillo
    Here is a recording of the Yellow-breasted Chat singing (recorded using
    Fostex FR-2LE + Telinga Stereo-DAT parabolic mic):
    FLAC format (39.8 GiB):
    MP3 format (25.1 GiB):
    For the first two minutes I was walking to get a better aim at the Chat
    (for a better signal-to-noise ratio). If you want to skip straight to the
    clearest part of the recording, then skip to 2:05.
    Please do not use playback on the Yellow-breasted Chat unless you
    really know what you're doing and know for sure it will not stress
    it, endanger it or cause it to abandon the territory. I'm providing this
    recording on good faith that it won't be abused, i.e. for listening to,
    not for playback to make birds come out in the open.
    Text file with some annotations (8 species of bird identified, and some
    Sound Forge Playlist format, if you can use it:
    These annotations use the standard 4-character codes, which can be
    referenced here (for example):
    (And my own abbreviations, juv=juvenile, s=singing, a=adult)
    David Ellsworth
    San Pedro, CA
    At 2018-05-11 16:16, David Ellsworth davidells@... [LACoBirds]
    At 9:59am today (May 11), on the
    Shoshonean Road hillside adjoining Fort MacArthur, just west of the
    Cabrillo Youth Camp entrance gate, I heard a Yellow-breasted Chat
    sing on and off until 10:06am. Judging from the sound, he was at the top
    of the hillside, occasionally moving from bush to bush (approx.
    Last I checked, May 7, the Phainopeplas continued at the Greg Smith
    Conifer Grove at Angels Gate Park. That afternoon there were two males.
    One sang at 5:32pm; I first noticed two at 6:43pm, and they were both
    still there at 7:42pm, then at least one of them flew away. They were
    there for much of the time I was observing, calling often, and I heard a
    call type from one of them I hadn't heard before (but mostly they were
    just doing the standard call). There was also a Townsend's Warbler,
    Pacific-slope Flycatcher, and Lazuli Bunting.
    At 2018-05-04 03:54, David Ellsworth davidells@... [LACoBirds]
    Today (May 3):
    At Angels Gate Park, I spotted two Phainopeplas, one adult male and one
    female or juvenile, at 5:42pm perched together on the tree at
    33.71556N,118.29499W, both calling. Subsequently, they spent most of
    their time in the Greg Smith Conifer Grove (general vicinity of
    33.71541N,118.29414W). At 6:20pm I saw the male land right next to the
    female/juvenile on a branch, facing each other, and the female/juvenile
    opened its bill wide, as if it were begging (which would suggest it might
    be a juvenile). In general, the male tended to be more conspicuous, and
    called much more often, sometimes calling repeatedly in rapid succession
    for an extended period of time. They were both still in the Greg Smith
    Conifer Grove when I left at 6:57pm. I will be very curious to see if
    they stick around.
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