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  1. Magnificent Frigatebird seen from Pt. Dume, Malibu 07/10/18 LINK
    DATE: Jul 10, 2018 @ 7:28pm, 2 month(s) ago
    At about 7.10 am I noticed a juvenile Magnificent Frigatebird moving in
    a westerly direction over the ocean toward the Pt. Dume Headlands. It
    was just offshore, going roughly parallel with Cliffside Drive. It
    glided without flapping until it neared the headlands where it circled
    once and then went out of my sight behind some trees. I did not see it
    The light was poor because the morning clouds had not yet cleared but I
    was able to get 3 poor-quality photos. They were taken hurriedly
    through glass but they are good enough to show the extremely long wings
    and narrow tail as well as the contrast between the white throat &
    breast and black body & wings.
    Although I didn't see the bird again I thought it worth reporting on the
    chance that it may still be in the area.
    Cynthia Schotte
    Malibu, CA
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