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  1. Re: [LACoBirds] Issues with posting/receiving messages via LACoBirds LINK
    DATE: Aug 8, 2018 @ 8:24am, 2 month(s) ago
    Hi Dan, all
    Several other listservs have switched to which offers easy transfer from yahoo groups.
    On Wed, Aug 8, 2018, 08:20 lathrotriccus@... [LACoBirds] < > wrote:
    Hi all,
    As most of you know, Yahoo Groups is an antiquated, 1990s-style website that is not being improved upon by Yahoo. As such, it doesn't work well. A few years ago I was asked to help moderate it, which basically means seeing that folks follow list rules, approving messages from the brand new people (and maybe 2-3 chronically "disruptive" users) on moderated status, and deleting spam messages. However, I don't own the group, nor do I have a stake in its future. Fellow birder Steve Sosensky receives emails sent to the "list owner" but honestly I don't know what being a list owner means in terms of functionality of the site - probably very little. And I don't want to speak for him! Personally I rarely use LACoBirds for anything, and while it has a great archive of information, I find many other ways of communication about birds/birding more efficient.
    Many of you have complained about the non-functionality of LACoBirds. Your messages are delayed when you try to post, you can't log on, the Yahoo website doesn't load, it doesn't recognize your email, you can't post from your phone, others' messages to the group are delayed so you miss hearing about birds...all this is true! You are not imagining it or being singled out, and I have had all these same issues myself. And I - as moderator or otherwise - have no control over it. Yahoo is trying to get you to quit, (and Google is trying to get you to join) believe me.
    I would encourage people to either a) use the Facebook LA RBA, Twitter, or some other 21st-century medium to communicate sightings/updates; or b) launch a new group, maybe a Google Group.
    Hope this clears things up, sorry if it doesn't.
    Dan Cooper Moderator, LACoBirds
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